Instantly Improve Your Curb Appeal With Attractive Doors From Masonite

Masonite doors are a terrific tool to help you increase your home's overall curb appeal.  Source: Masonite

Masonite doors are strong, durable, and designed to last long into the future. This makes them a popular choice for homeowners searching for quality that will shine through season after season. Over the company's 80 year history, they have carefully crafted a reputation for quality unsurpassed in the industry. Builders, architects, and homeowners all … [Read more...]

Top Front Door Colors for 2015

Bronze, turquoise, Tripoli sand, and cranapple are some of 2015's top colors for front doors.   Source: Houzz

It's getting hot outside and this is being reflected in the most popular door colors for 2015. As you gear up for your spring cleaning and remodeling, keep these colors in the forefront of your thoughts: Bronze - Strong, but not overbearing, this color gives your home's exterior a little bit of extra energy that's as invigorating as it is … [Read more...]

Create a Dramatic Entryway With HB&G Columns

HB&G columns are not only a great resource for anyone looking to frame their entryway, but also one that adds a dramatic beauty to your home.

One of the first things people notice of a structure is the set of columns that frame the entryway. Standing tall and resolute over the entrance, the right columns are important for setting the tone you want to convey to everyone who enters your home. One of the best column manufacturers in America are HB&G columns. Renowned for their durability and … [Read more...]