The Top Styles of Interior Trim for Your Home

choosing the right trim

Interior trim can play a major role in how every room in your house looks, but many homeowners simply don’t think of improving the trim in their houses to enhance the overall space. However, there are some top styles of interior trim that you can add to your space to enhance its beauty. Use this guide from Pacific Mutual Door to help. Traditional Hall … [Read more...]

Trim Design Inspiration to Enhance Your Interiors

choosing crown molding

The interior trim in a room can help to make a small space feel bigger or turn a cavernous space into one that’s relatively cozy. It can also make a simple room look elegant and more refined. However, picking out the right trim for your interiors isn’t always easy. When it’s time to change yours up or add trim for the first time, use this brief guide … [Read more...]

Ideas for Adding Beautiful Interior Doors to Your Home

choosing interior doors

Interior doors play a major role in how your home looks, but they aren’t always the first thing people think of when redoing their houses. While a new piece of furniture or rug can make a big difference, you might get more mileage with an exceptional door. Use these tips from Pacific Mutual Door to help guide you. Modern Bathroom by Toronto Interior … [Read more...]